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Head quarters in Madurai and Branch office in Chennai.

Offers unique Self Networking IP (SNIP) based video cameras that does not require either static IP nor DDNS registration. These SNIP cameras are multifunctional and offers even recording in the camera itself. This feature eliminates the requirement of separate DVR and the associated cabling. Hence facilitates minimum infrastructure and low maintenance. These SNIP cameras can easily be deployed even in 3G/LTE/WiMax networks.

Supplies unique PUSH DATA technology based Biometric (Facial Recognition/Finger Print /RFID) Time and Attendance devices for remote branch office Time and Attendance monitoring. No static IP is required for the device installed at the branch offices /outlets /divisions /wards. The transmitted data can be viewed from a central location (Head Office) in real time without any human intervention.

Offers 3G industrial routers for transparent transmission of serial data / video from remote location to a central location. There are models of router that have Dual SIM for fail over and policy based routing, built in GPS for certain M to M application and Billing WiFi router for creation of hotspots in buses.

Wide variety of Broad band bonding & aggregating routers offering cost effective last mile connectivity. These routers will accept multiple broad band and 3G USB data cards there by ensuring required bandwidth. Cost saving since aggregation of ADSL (broad band) and 3G USB data cards eliminates the requirement of expensive leased line connection.

Offers a unique Digital Signage solution on LAN where in using a single computer content can be displayed upto 20 monitors of any size. There is no need for any VGA cable / splitters.

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